Research Paper: Interview with David Brown

Sample Research Paper

It wasn’t just political events that shook the world during David’s life. He thinks of The Beatles and their music. This revolutionary band is responsible for changing the style of music all over the world.  He remembers their songs and wanting to visit their concerts. It seems to be one his biggest regrets to be unable to see them perform live. John Lennon’s death shook the world and David. “It seemed like one of the world’s biggest legends had died.” His love for John Lennon arose from the passion with which the musician wrote his music. It was impossible to understand why anyone would kill this man.  His music is one that inspired an entire generation into loving peace and serenity.  But this loss was replaced by Michael Jackson and the introduction of Thriller.  “Of course Michael Jackson was not the same thing. His music was different, but this man introduced music that was heard and appreciated by white and black listeners.” According to David, music is a binding force that not only brings together different classes of people but was soon the uniting bond for races and ethnicities.

The Cold War was also fought during David’s life. He remembers the fear and terror that spread throughout the world as both superpowers came at par to fight each other. “It was more a battle of wits rather than one which showed power.” David loves the way Kennedy reacted to the situation. He praises the American leader for his tact and persona in dealing with this crisis. The Cold War also left a serious impact on David emotionally and mentally. “We never knew when the war would break out. Bomb shelters, terror and a continuous feeling of dread were becoming a part of life.”  The Cold War helped David decide that no kind of war would ever help any country or its people. “Even if fought for the right reasons, war is just not the answer. Someone innocent is bound to die.” He also links his argument to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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