Sample Research Paper

As media evolved, it gave a life to the words inscribed in black and white. Today, although more people read as literacy is increasingly at an expeditiously great rate, they prefer different electronic media over books which are simply filled with text.

Besides, the electronic text is more conveniently revised. Books with pictorial illustrations and colors are still, comparatively, a pleasure reading. No matter how expressive the plain words are, the power of linguistic signs, gestures, tone of voice and the body language cannot be denied. These make it easier for the mind to absorb, understand and even feel the underlined meaning the words convey. However, critics argue that technology is constrained by circumstances and eras whereas the books and the written word lives forever.

Suppose that, instead of displaying the Stars and Stripes, we were to write the words “American flag” across a piece of cloth and to display that. While the symbols would convey the same meaning, the effect would be quite different.  (McLuhan 89)

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