Sample Research Paper

In-patient and outpatient counseling is very important for a hospital to have a good yield. When patients are admitted they have been found to be under stress for a number of reasons so if inpatient counseling is good then patient management becomes easy and inpatient stay decreases. In in-patient care patients advised about a lot of issues that as an out-patient cannot be done.  Hope always exists – gives power to clients (Haffen, Karren, Frandsen & Smith, 1996).

When patients get admitted their routine gets drastically disturb, their activities get restricted and they start feeling tired, lethargic, and sicker than before so, in order to take them out of this stat its very importance that there be in-patient counselors that deal with all these minor stressors that if not taken care of can lead to major breaks in treatment. Patients undergoing a surgical procedure in the morning get admitted a night before the procedure the purpose is to prepare the patient for the surgery. In most of the hospital the focus is on the physical preparation and things but if the emotional component is also taken care of patients alleviation of anxiety will be controlled and they will have a better intro and post-operative course. A lot of patients when get discharged from in-patient care show in the clinic once or twice during those visits if they are provided with an out-patient counseling as well they are more receptive to digest it whether it’s regarding their substance abuse, psychological derangement that is a contributing factor to organic medical issues or just compliance problem. This programming of the activities makes the system more precise and more helpful for the patient population. Patients find it hard to get back to their routine after going through a major surgery or serious illness but with occupational and educational counselors this can be achieved quickly and that I turn has got a positive prognostic value.

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