Sample Research Paper

“Western missionaries have frequently been condemned as cultural imperialists incapable of or unwilling to fairly evaluate and respect the cultures of the peoples with whom they came in contact” (Kaplan S 1986). Kaplan S, (1986) quoted as A.J Temu as saying that the missionaries looked at all the traditions of African cultures with abhorrence.

They felt the need to impose upon the native, population western culture and traditions, etiquette’s etc. one such example is the normal native custom of polygamy and the opposition of the Christian missionaries towards the practice. It became a normal practice that the man would be separated from his multiple wives and he would be monogamy principles. Although, in the later years, this practice was considered impractical, much debate was held on whether to let polygamy be and soften the missionary attitudes towards it or whether to forcibly enforce the monogamy principles of Christianity. Different missionary churches had different opinions about polygamy. Some out rightly rejected its inclusion in church and forced people to divorce all but one, and some had a milder approach. They considered it impractical for a man to divorce the wives and leave the children fatherless. They stated that divorce wasn’t allowed in Christianity and, therefore, one should remain with the wives and provide for them as well as for the children.

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