Research Paper: Impact of Fast Food on Youth

Sample Research Paper

Fast food restaurants need individuals to run them and these workers are generally shaped in the form of young teenagers who work part-time at these places to make extra money. While work is considered an essential part of the development process, the jobs at fast food joints provide little exposure or experience to the child. This youth spends a great part of their adolescent and college serving fast food which has little or no rewards (Charner & Fraser).

Capitalist societies run on the exploitation of labor. This labor is best provided by less educated children who use these jobs as a fast way to make cash. However, the money paid to these employees is not equal to their labor. The unskilled jobs provided at fast food joints ensure that the worker receives no expertise once they leave this job. They are unable to utilize the skills they have learned in the real world.

This is coupled with the dangerous work conditions under which several fast food joints run. There are no measures undertaken to protect or insure the employees working in these organizations. The teenagers working in these joints are given no insurance to secure them from any kind of damage that might be caused by working in these joints.

Lastly, once individuals start working in fast food joints they do not concentrate as much on their education as they generally would. Jobs and workload take up much more time, preventing them from concentrating on increasing and enhancing their intellect.

The youth is an integral part of a society. It defines the generations that are to come. As teenagers begin joining the fast food place, the numbers of workers can prove to be a pitfall for the community’s future.

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