Research Paper: Immanuel Kant’s Philosophies

Sample Research Paper

Kant’s belief was that every human’s reasoning and senses were determined by the time and space around them. This was coupled with the belief in understanding the world around us, which was not determined by the mere concept of experience alone but also by the senses which allowed each individual to work with the experience.

These senses include ideas like time, space, relation, and quantity: all scientific and rational values. This was a clear description of the role played by scientific quantities in determining Kant’s philosophical viewing. These exact same quantities were also employed by Newton in his description of various theorems. Thus, Kant’s adoption of rational values in an attempt to identify and define philosophy was a direct take off the work of Newton, a scientist who worked with these values in order to ensure a stronger theory.

Physics is an essential part of Kant’s theories. They help to define and explain his argument as a complete emphasis on this subject allows for Newton’s influence to be clearly depicted in Kant’s work. Newton is renowned for his various physics theorems which helped created a great deal of the ideas that are employed today. In the same way, Kant uses the significance of the body of physics to assist in his contributions to the world of philosophy.

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