Research Paper: Image of A Hero In Literature

Sample Research Paper

Literature portrays images of characters that can be considered unreal by many. Writers set standards that seem almost impossible for an ordinary person to attain, but the concept of heroes is one which has carried on over the centuries. The qualities of a true hero do not differ. Each individual resembles the other in the form of similar traits which strengthen them and allow them to make a difference.

This is evident in the portrayal of Beowulf and Lancelot as the two heroes who possess remarkable qualities. Both men have been chosen from very different eras. While Beowulf existed during an Anglo-Saxon era, Lancelot was the hero of the Victorian era. While the men lived in different regions at different times, they possess the same qualities. Love, compassion and chivalry are qualities visible in both individuals. Beowulf and Lancelot present the perfect portrayal of bravery and sacrifice.

Bravery is a trait that divides the weak from the courageous. It displays the ability of one individual to put themselves at risk for the lives of those around them. It represents the mark of a true hero.

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