Research Paper Idea: Privacy of Medical Records


Privacy of medical records is also a concern, and under Federal law, it is determined how this information can be shared electronically. This is a good way of sharing information, and it creates obstacles when someone not authorized tries to access the stored information. However, it can be a major problem if a loved one needs to access the medical records in case of an emergency when the patient is unable to do so.  Business application/implications of the information system One other  factor is  that most of the applications being used by health systems, hospitals and other healthcare providers do not fall under any federal law.

Many people do not adhere to the same restrictions as medical personnel, and they are not hindered by any laws. Some patients have developed their personal health records on websites that provide the applications. Most of these websites have no privacy concerns. They usually sell their data to other companies, or might even place advertisements on the same page as the information uploaded by the patient. Although some websites may maintain the privacy of patient’s information, yet they claim other benefits such as using the information for reference purposes, or selling patient information in bulk. Before uploading any information on websites, find out what the website may do with your information.

 Privacy problems are not a source of bother for any records kept on personal PC or on a thumb drive. The only privacy problems with this type of storage are how you handle it, and practically no risk from hackers. However, if you lose the thumb drive, or sell your computer without completely formatting the hard disk, then others could have access to a person’s medical records. The best way to ensure privacy is to keep health and medical records in digital format and plan for their use and availability. Information processed by the system. The worth of the composite clinical systems is that they retain data as part of the work flow.

These electronic medical records enable managers to obtain information for financial purposes, the physician to monitor the effects of the treatment, the nurse to maintain daily reports, and clinicians to analyze the presence to other diseases. If each of them work independently without the electronic medical records, they might not have had the capabilities to assess the overall situation of the patient. The electronic medical records systems collects and stores data than has multiple uses and advantages. Electronic medical records are basically useful in multifaceted clinical influences. 

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