Research Paper: IBM; Sales Promotion

Sample Research Paper

IBM has been investing heavily into sales promotional activities including trade shows and sponsorships (“IBM Marketing Communications”). The company is well-aware of the fact that although these campaigns are short-term, it does help it achieve its sales targets and aid in assist in causing excitement among the customers about the products.

Trade exhibitions are held on a periodic basis in most of the countries from where IBM is operating. The organization always seeks to occupy a strategic location in the trade show so that it becomes the centre of attraction for all its intended customers.

IBM has been into sponsorship marketing. It has been sponsoring various events the world over particularly related to IT and marketing services. It has also sponsored some sports events in order to attract a target market comprising of energetic and efficient youth (“IBM Marketing Communications”).

For IBM, charity begins at home. The management very well knows that unless the employees are satisfied and committed with the organization, they would not be able to keep the customers happy. In order to keep the workforce motivated and ensure that they help promote the corporate image and name along with the product offering, the company has introduced internal marketing which includes activities such as lucky draws, compensations, benefits, gifts and rewards. The awards generally include “jewelry, crystal plaques and trophies”. (“IBM Marketing Communications”).

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