Research Paper: Human Brain and Human Mind

Sample Research Paper

Neurologists consider the brain to be a fascinating organ. They marvel at its complexity and revel at its capabilities. The brain from a physiological perspective controls the entire function of the human body. From locomotion to respiration, from speech to hearing and sight, all the actions and inactions that the human body goes through, are the result of human brain’s manipulation. Yet they fail to understand and cannot comprehend how an organ which weighs around two pounds could be capable of such function.

Psychologists feel the same way about the ‘human mind’. The term ‘human mind’ refers to thinking, analyzing the capability of the brain, or the aspect which allows us to become aware of the surroundings and learning from the environment. Throughout history, people have attempted to observe study and ponder over the complexities of human behavior and tried to rationalize the behavior by presenting their own theories on how the mind works. Yet it is still a mystery. The complexity magnificence of the human mind does not receive the attention it deserves until one suffers from a mind malfunction, mental disorders or emotional distress. Only then does one appreciate and realize that throughout the years, we had been taking our mind for granted.

The human brain, which is the visceral face of the human mind is connected to and is aware of its environment through the use of sensory instruments at hand like the eyes, ears, skin, etc. it is in the constant learning phase.

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