Research Paper: Human Beings Are Not Alike

No two human beings are the same, and this fact applies to identical twins. The uniqueness that is inherent in all human beings enriches our lives and makes the world a more interesting place to inhabit. However, these differences far transcend people of the same color. As such, not only are we different in our genetic makeup, but our skin color vastly distinguishes us from those of another skin color. In any one country then, one may find that there are those who are black, white or brown.

The United States has a rich history with regard to the people who live within its borders. First, it note that the natives of the country are Native Americans. All other races traveled to the US after Christopher Columbus had safely and successfully completed his voyage. Afterwards, slaves were shipped from the African continent who then served their white masters until slavery was abolished in the US. Their workstation and the duties they had to undertake placed them in a position that was much lower than that of their white counterparts.

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