Sample Research Paper

Human Behavior is rather complex and dynamic. Psychologists and behaviorists have, over the years, researched on different aspects of behavior and attitudinal patterns. Some concluded similar findings while the others discovered unknown mesmerizing traits. Nonetheless, an individual rarely displays one style of behavior at all times. Therefore, it is not easy to associate a definite behavioral style with an individual. It is possible that one behavioral approach may be predominant in his attitude. However, the style varies according to time and circumstances. Behavior is influenced by many external and internal factors.

As part of a team, an individual’s behavior is affected by the role he assumes and the responsibility he shoulders as well as the attitudes of his colleagues. He adopts a behavioral style and retains it as long as the team works together. Consequently, his written, verbal and non-verbal communication gets adapted to his behavioral approach. The messages he receives are interpreted by him accordingly and the messages he sends are construed by the recipient according to his style of behavior.

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