Sample Research Paper

Homesickness is also one of the symptoms of culture shock. And is a major problem which is experienced by university going students(Fisher & Hood, 1987, 428; Tognoli, 2003, 42). Homesickness can be described as a psychological reaction brought on by the absence of family and family environment and significant others. (Archer, et al., 1998, 212).

The impact of homesickness is classically harmful and can lead to isolation, depression, and difficulties in adjustments for students arriving at the university (Constantine, et al., 2005, 173; Stroebe, et al., 2002, 157). In addition, the students also face racial discrimination, which is prevalent in the universities in theUS.  (Biasco, et al 2001, 526; Rankin & Reason, 2005, 46). And even though institutions have been trying to minimize the ethnic discrimination, but no major reductions have been seen (McCormack, 1998, 380).  The permutation of racial discrimination and homesickness can lead to feelings of isolation, alienation, misery, and concern for college students; this is present more in the local students predominantly the minority groups inAmerica,   (Fisher & Hood, 1987 234; Leong & Ward, 2000, 774; Stroebe et al 2002, 162). International students though are at a greater risk for experiencing racial intolerance and culture shock. International students are also at immense risk (Ying, Lee, & Tsai, 2000, 429).

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