Sample Research Paper

Homesickness is one of the results of culture shock, which create loneliness, isolation, depression, stress, low self-esteem, and homesickness (Pedersen, 1995, 38; Ward, Bochner, & Furnham, 2001, 166). Homesickness is a yearning and longing for familiar surroundings and can occasionally take the shape of depressive indications (Pedersen, 1995).Many studies have found that homesickness influences a person’s activities, and both physical and emotional health. In a study conducted by Fisher and Hood (1987, 438) it was found that those students who were homesick got low scores on adapting to the new environment and had higher points for physical complaints, stress and confusion. Tognoli (2003, 41) in a study found that those students who lived at a greater distance from their families tended to travel more to meet them and felt more homesick than those who lived closer to home. In addition students who were homesick had lower self-esteem as compared to those who were not homesick. Furthermore, one of the side-effects of this homesickness was depression. Other researchers have found a positive correlation between homesickness and depression (Beck, Taylor, & Robbins, 2003, 161; Stroebe et al., 2002, 154). This was backed by Van Tilburg, Vingerhoets, Van Heck, and Kirschbaum (1999, 193) who suggest that homesick individuals can exhibit both anxiety and despair, had physical complaints, and also showed depression and also experienced loss of concentration.

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