Research Paper: A Home Built of Love and Harmony

Sample Research Paper

To me, a house is a place one lives in and a home is a place one furnishes with love, affection, harmony, tranquility, and comfort. My family was committed to keeping up the cordial and peaceful ambience in the home. If we were ever poor, I never knew about it. My parents were frugal and could take a nickel, turn it over, and find a quarter.

My home had an overwhelming pleasant atmosphere of geniality and amiability. Walls seemed to be filled with laughter and floors seemed to whisper the long gone pitter patter of little bare feet of children. I can never forget that we had to remove our shoes before entering, and also there was a crack in the wall above the kitchen door. Every time my father slammed the door, I saw the crack get wider. At that time, I was apprehensive that, one day, the house would fall down. However, luckily, it never did.

My childhood home had four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen. The front of the house was situated on a lot dotted with two large walnut trees. There was one window on every side of the house except the west wall that adjoined a neighbor’s yard.

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