Research Paper: History of Science

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Copernicus gave the theory of Heliocentric-ism that stated that Sun and not the earth in the centre of the universe. This theory was violently opposed by the church for three hundred years.  Campanella also ascribed to the theory of Heliocentric-ism and he was tortured by the authorities. The Galileo Affair, however, can be termed as the turning point of this relationship.

Bologna professor and an astronomer Cecco d’Ascoli dared to suggest that the world is round (the phenomenon not so novel as the ancient Greek used to believe in the roundness of the earth) and people may live on the other side of the world and was burnt alive in 1327 by the church (Rice, 1938, p.149). However, the church now believes that the earth is round. This is a supreme example of the how the science has changed the world around us, including our belief systems to an extent.

Another name in this regard, Giordano Bruno must be mentioned. He was burnt at stake inRomein 1600 for he suggested that the earth goes around the sun and not the other way round. This was a source of controversy for theVatican Church and to put his voice to a quiet, this is injustice was done to him (Turner, 1908).

In view of all the above literature, the burning of libraries was also an important caveat in this relationship. All the Mayan literature was destroyed by the Spaniards in Mexico in 1520 as it was not in accordance with their own superstitions. Franciscans were part of these injustices and according to them, “We found a great number of books … and since they contained nothing but superstitions and falsehoods of the Devil we burned them all.” (Humphry)

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