Research Paper: History of Religion

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Many religious beliefs were termed as relics of childhood days (Pecorino). This was an age of discovery and ideas started floating from continents to continents. Many scholars put forth their ideas about religion and how it has evolved from the pagan religion of antiquity.

Claude Levy-Bruhl termed religion as a form of a very primitive science and a way of explaining natural phenomena (Pecorino). However, 19th century dawned with positivism and science was given more importance with new stress on ways of verification and empirical means (Pecorino). It was 1870 that the Max Muller explained that the religion can be better explained using scientific study (Swatos). E.B Tylor also hoped for the birth of ‘Science of Religion” but he differed from Muller in the possible outcomes of this scientific study and he believed that religious skepticism would be explained better by the science (Swatos).

Today, the world belongs to science while religion remains in the background. Religious leader Dietrich Bonhoeffer said:

As in the scientific field, so in human affairs generally, “God” is being pushed more and more out of life, losing more and more ground (Henderson, 1986).

One can prosper in this world both religion and science should be taken side by side and followed wisely. Religion helps a person gain insight in the human nature, the emotions and feelings of human beings. It can help a person love another person while science can help make this world a better place to live and a better place to profuse one’s religion.

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