Research Paper: History of Islam

Sample Research Paper

If we talk about the history of Islam the way it started was from one single person that was Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) that came up bringing Islam as the last religion with a revealed book Quran. He was all for this religion so God rewarded him with the abilities and characteristics that made him stand against everyone and every torture and he still kept preaching the religion.

In the initial phase he suffered a lot because on one hand he had the responsibility of spreading the religion to God’s creature with a promise that this will bring peace and satisfaction to them but on the other hand there was a lot of opposition to stop him from doing so. When he came as the last prophet of Allah Christianity was the religion practiced that time and people were really for it and were not ready to listen to a word regarding any other superior religion. He had nobody to stand with him and help him but with his character and his deeds he was able to get a few people converted to Islam and he turned from one person to two and then the number kept on increasing. This religion had the essence of attracting people towards it.

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