Research Paper: History of Christian Women Lifestyle

Sample Research Paper

The marriages used to be arranged. The concept of love marriage did not exist. Almost always, the woman and the man tying a knot did not know each other. Neither did they know anything related to each other. In fact, it was rare that the bride and the groom had met before marriage. They used to be complete strangers to each other prior to marriage. (Carter, 1998).

“The arrangement of the marriage was based on monetary worth.” The families agreed to marry their daughters depending on the benefits they would receive. These advantages were usually in terms of social status and recognition. The groom’s family was usually more interested in the monetary gain that it would achieve as dowry and other gifts from the bride’s family. (Carter, 1998). The women were more like objects used for their families’ social and financial welfare. The marriages were like business deals in which women were like commodities who were exchanged in barter. The women suffered the most in the medieval times. They were regarded as the property of their families before marriage and the chattel of their husbands. They were denied rights. They were deprived of the freedom to make their own decisions and go outside homes to work.

The women also were not given the place and respect when it came to religious affairs and ceremonies. The men dominated churches. They preached and solved matters of dispute. They led religious rituals and rites. Fewer women priests existed who were not granted the same status by the church as male clerics.

Although the Christian laws and teachings do not generally prohibit women from performing different religious rituals, the patriarchal society has created its own social taboos and norms which suppress women from entering into religious services. They believed that the control or the authority which they exercise over the general public, and particularly over women, would lose its grip. The male priests and clergymen were too concerned about their supremacy and were apprehensive of the fact that women may overwhelm them in religious affairs.

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