Sample Research Paper

The definition of a hero has been reduced to an actor portraying the character on either the silver screen or the small screen. Soldiers and warriors are seldom regarded as heroes in the post World Wars world, and even if they do, their fame is limited to their native lands only. The modern age has turned the hero into a star. But heroes of the modern age are heavily in debt to the creed of heroes that was created by Hemmingway.In the war-torn backdrops of the worlds he portrays in his works, Hemmingway’s hero shines before the reader for being a hero without having the traditional hero like qualities. Explained by Philip Young in his work Ernest Hemingway: A Reconsideration, Young defines Hemmingway’s hero as a person who lives his life by a specific code or ideals of life, his self-defined sense of virtue and “offer up and exemplify certain principles of honor and courage which, in a life of tension and pain, make a man a man and distinguish him from the people who follow random impulses […] and are […] perhaps cowardly, and without inviolable rules for how to live holding tight.” His heroes are the typical masculine war veterans, who often sport war injuries as a medal; they drink and indulge in bull fights, and are often shown of a rather promiscuous nature. Hemmingway’s heroes are often portrayed as introverts who believe that action speaks louder than words.  But the difference between Hemmingway’s hero and his Code Hero must be maintained since Hemingway’s hero is a character of flesh and blood from whose perspective the story is narrated while Code Hero are norms and moral values that this character follows.

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