Research Paper: Health Protection; Personal Measures

Sample Research Paper

Personal measures of protection are very important, ones that are not aware of it would want to learn them and practice them once they are thought all of this in an appropriate way. The way to go about it should be such that a brief introduction of the disease should be given in layman language rather than in high level specialized medical terminology and then the ways it is contracted should be displayed through charts and boards to lasting impact of the information shared.

Along with all this different measures that can break the cycle of transfer of these contagious organisms should be clearly explained and focus should be put on the non-pharmacological measures that can prevent the transfer of the infection to the non-infected one. After all these measures are clearly shown with reinforcement through schematic presentations then pharmacological measures should be discussed. In pharmacological measures, the prophylaxis and vaccinations are two main areas that should be discussed and the availability of them should also be explained to the audiences. There should be a further step of launching temporary/permanent centers or medical stores points where the vaccination should be available and the audiences should be guided how to approach those points. The probable contraindication, side effect profile and efficacy interfering factors should be discussed clearly.  Before this program is released it should be advertised the best way in simple words and the timings should be such that majority of the audiences should be able to watch it.

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