Research Paper: Health Care Systems

Sample Research Paper

There is a theory that is being in use in the design of the health care system in most of the health care system it says that one should be learning new useful tasks and unlearning the ones that get obsolete on continues basis and this can lead to effective advancement.

In this new era where information available on each and every aspect of life, patients come to us with a good deal of information in their minds regarding their disease but most of the time it will not be an authentic information so there a nursing staff needs to have an appropriate amount of knowledge and leadership skills to handle that. By contrast, leadership can mean the act of an individual who does not have a specific management role, but whose thoughtful and convincing ideas substantially influence the efficiency of workflow and exercising leadership skills (Sullivan and Decker, 2005).  Nevertheless, (Marquis and Huston, 2006) defines leadership in its broadest sense as the process of moving a group of people in some direction through non-coercive means.

A leader may expect others to help realize a vision, but a manager will expect others to fulfill their mission or purpose.

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