Research Paper: Happiness and Wealth

Sample Research Paper

Family happiness and the personal well-being is the main topic that is being discussed by the researchers as well as the psychologists in the modern days. These are the two main factors that have a strong link with an individual’s health. The main question, in this case, concerns the extent to which the happiness is important for the good health.

There are some needs of happiness as shall be discusses relating to the daily life needs that can cause happiness. The groups of population with the varying degrees of happiness shall be accommodated along with the attitudes that can lead to happiness. Then the relationship of happiness with health shall be explored in relation to the emotions, attitudes as well as in the case of the clinical trials in various diseases.

Many researchers specializing in the fields of psychology as well as medicine have researched the relationship of happiness with the good health. It has been argued that there is a strong link between an individual’s health and the happiness. However, in this case, the personal opinions may fluctuate. However, the main fact that has been realized in this case that there is an increase in the well-being of an individual by being happier and satisfied with the life  (Waite, Browning, Doherty, Gallagher, & Stanley, 2002, p. 45).

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