Research Paper: Hall W’s Study on Psychosis

Sample Research Paper

To support the second hypothesis proposed by Hall W, he refers to case control studies which observed that cannabis use was higher amongst schizophrenia patients as compared to the general population. He also notes that multiple community-based surveys have shown that schizophrenic patients are increasingly linked with increased cannabis usage. To support the link of cannabis use to schizophrenia Hall W produces evidence from a Swedish conscript study. The results of  this study showed not only were the cannabis users more at risk for schizophrenia but also that male users and those who start using the drug at a young age are more prone to develop the symptoms. The Swedish study, as well as a follow-up study, provides evidence of a dose-response relationship between cannabis and schizophrenia.

A Longitudinal study is presented by Hall as evidence that schizophrenia is precipitated by the use of cannabis. This study by Van Os et al demonstrated that people who reported the occurrence of psychotic symptoms were more prone to develop schizophrenia when compared with the who’s who did not use cannabis. In this study, cannabis use accounted for more than eighty percent higher risk for developing a disorder related to psychosis.

To support the relationship between cannabis use early in life and its effects on mental health, Hall provides evidence from the Dunham study which studied multiple drug cases of abuse and the occurrence of varied mental disorders.

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