Research Paper: Guthrie’s Philosophy

Sample Research Paper

Eliade overlooks certain conjectures which arise due to cultural and social norms and values. He attempts to look into the similarities within different religions and draws a “set of common themes” from them. Guthrie, on the other hand, purports that religion evolves with time and circumstances. He uses the term “systematic anthropomorphism” to describe his premise of religion.

This means awarding human attributes or qualities to inanimate objects or to different events. His theory states that human “perception” and “cognition” leads people to imagine, interpret and take various worldly affairs in their own special way. They construe “ambiguous information” which “matters most” to their “survival” according to their own understanding. Their interpretation may be not exactly correct or be highly erroneous. Nonetheless, they pass down their beliefs and convictions from generation to generation. (“Explaining Religion”, 2001).

Sproul (1979) states that the “world, after all, all life within it is sanctified by this act, sacrifice” and the “myth” “of such sacrifice” (p. 20).It is the myths which actually relate to the man the “enormous cost of” the “gift” of sacrifice (Sproul, p. 12). The concept of the rewards being received due to performing rituals according to myths and making compromises and sacrifices is what makes the mankind distinguish the power of a divine authority.

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