Research Paper: Gender Impact On Business Culture

Sample Research Paper

Gender roles are also varied across the world. Though it is assumed that women are equal opportunity employers in advanced nations the contrary is true as more women are part of the workforce but less in managerial or executive positions. When it comes to conservative nations the status of women as a part of the workforce is even more contorted.

In some countries, male subordinates will not prefer taking orders from a female, or females are not given much importance. Hiring female managers in those countries will though be a claimer of equality but will be detrimental to the company’s performance.

Countries high on Geert Hofstede’s masculinity scale do not encourage women working and there is generally conflict emanating from women at work. Work conditions for women working in those countries are also not very pleasant. Countries low on the masculinity scale promote women in the workforce and sex roles are less sharply distinguished. (Mead,1998). These societies are generally more tolerant about women in the workforce but make no exceptions when a high performance from women is expected.

In other nations like Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive, have their own firms, or be completely independent. Therefore, working with women in these cultures comes with negative implications.

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