Sample Research Paper

“It is conceivable that a change in other factors could have masked or diminished the recent and future projected increases in schizophrenia occurrence due to cannabis. This could explain further why no change in schizophrenia trends has been observed” (Hickman M et al, 2007). Another limitation to the study is that cannabis usage trends of the past were estimated from a single survey and this may have suffered from recall bias. Lastly, the exposure levels of cannabis use were not estimated, that is to say that the frequency and the quantity. Therefore, Hickman’s cannabis use estimates are crude to say the least.

To conclude, Hickman’s study proposes that a relationship between cannabis use and schizophrenia does exist as shown by the increase in schizophrenia in young adult males which is comparable to increase in young adult male cannabis users, but the extent and the depth of this relationship can only be gauged if schizophrenia’s incidence and prevalence have a sharp upward trend by in the next few years.

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