Sample Research Paper

Friedrich Nietzsche in his works, proposed, that the universe, the human life and the earth all have no significant purpose or meaning. His view was that life itself should be lived in a full and selfish manner, and not as if there was someone watching from the skies, and was there to judge us in the future.

             Nietzsche in his writings never accepted his own work pantheism. Pantheism is the philosophy which assumes everything around us as sanctified. It encourages people to hold nature sacred and use science and religion to explain and preserve its sanctity. He did try to develop his own idea of pantheism with no ethics by accepting and enjoying every single moment of existence (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997). He knew that his philosophies follow the same lines as pantheism, and tried to create and follow his own version of pantheism, one without any rules or ethics, in which one could joyously accept every moment of existence itself without pondering over the reason for existence itself. He stated,

“Believe [as pantheism does – Ed] that everything is perfect, divine, eternal, also forces one to believe in eternal recurrence” (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997).  “Question: Can we remove the idea of purpose from the process, and yet still affirm the process? (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997).

Every basic trait underlying each and every event, expressing itself in every event – if it were experienced by an individual as his own basic trait – would force that person triumphally to endorse every instant of everyday existence” (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997).

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