Sample Research Paper

Mullins, (2007) argues that four major frameworks help an organization in its operations. The first model has been referred to as the autocratic model, which refers to the fact that the power within an organization is used by the managerial authorities making the employees more obedient and dependent on the higher authorities. In this case, one of the main employee needs that are accounted for is the subsistence and survival.  However, this is the framework that has not been appreciated on a large scale and the performance output, in this case, is minimum.

Blanchard, (2006) has argued that power is a factor that has played an important role in the development of an organization. Power is counted as a skill as well as an ability that helps in making major changes in the organization by achieving the unexpected and this is the unanticipated that is unable to be achieved in the normal conditions. When the powers are being used, it usually means that the employees are being ordered to complete the tasks; thereby the authority plays a role. Here it can be said that the authority is the willingness to fulfill the orders issued by  the higher authorities and the employees accept the orders, as the ordering is the right of a person who is issuing the orders.

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