Research Paper: Framework of Ideal Civil Society

Sample Research Paper

An ideal society is one in which there is a sound support system. Strong family values. If the society is devoid of family values, there is dysfunction in the society. A collective sense of care enables people to provide support be it financial, physical or emotional. The assurance of a family support system goes a long way in forming a sound society. It is the civil duty of the citizens to contribute for the betterment and the success of the state. Each citizen has a role to play. The farmers grow and provide agriculture for food and trade. Citizens in healthcare provide care to people in need. Others in the military services ensure that the state and its citizens are protected from harm. Citizens who are well to do can provide those who are poor with opportunities to earn a living. And the government ensures that all the citizens play their roles properly.

A healthy civil society is one in which wealth and work opportunities are evenly distributed and citizens have ample opportunities to earn a living and lead a better life. By regular contributions to organizations which have dedicated themselves for the aiding of those who are less fortunate, have no families, no means to earn a living, I ensure that I play me part in providing for those who are in need.  By ensuring that I employ those people who are in desperate need for work I try to provide jobs to the jobless citizens.

Being a citizen myself, it is unfortunate that I do not vote. I can contribute further towards the society by participating more actively towards the selection of the government. By placing my vote, I can assist the people I believe will work towards the betterment of the society.

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