Research Paper: Foreign Students living in the United Kingdom

Sample Research Paper

It is necessary to learn about their experiences and the difficulties they face in settling down in the United Kingdom. It is also imperative to realize the time period which is required, on an average, by foreign students to adapt to the new environment and feel comfortable in the host country. The students are faced with many problems particularly when it comes to accepting the cultural norms which contradict or are in conflict which their values and traditions.

It has already been stated at the beginning of the chapter that very little and limited research has been carried out in theUnited Kingdom regarding the phenomenon of culture shock experienced by international students. As theUnited Kingdom a multicultural society, there exists racial and ethnic diversity. However, most of the higher education institutions are dominated by the cultural standards and values of the majority who are white. Therefore, even local ethnic minorities have to conform to these standards as academic and administrative principles.

The studies which have been carried out in the past to understand the causes and symptoms of culture shock include one on Chinese international students (Spencer-Oatey & Z. Xiong, 2006) and another on the  African students in the universities of United Kingdom (Maringe, and Carter, 2007). Nonetheless, other ethnic groups of international students have not been studied.

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