Research Paper: Filter of Inferior Vena Cava Umbrella

Sample Research Paper

The safety provided by the shape, size and design of this filter is a very secure feeling for the patient with chronic disease process for which they really need to be on treatment and along with that they also want to continue doing the fun activities of life there as well. “In 1973, at a meeting of the American Heart Association, Greenfield gave a talk about his lung-clot suction cup, with a side presentation on the filter. In the audience was Abele, who was scouting for products for his new medical-device company.

Abele introduced himself toGreenfieldafter the talk, launching the 30-year collaboration. First Abele took on the manufacture of the suction cup, and then, in 1980, when he bought Kimmell’s medical-device company, the Kimray-Greenfield filter became part of Boston Scientific’s catalogue. Abele renamed it theGreenfieldfilter” (Garber, 2006). “The filter helped Abele’s company to grow from two million dollars in sales to six billion today, and Boston Scientific is now the largest life-sciences company in Massachusetts” (Garber, 2006). “In the past years there have been 2 major modification to the design of this filter in 1980 stainless steel to titanium to allow compression of the filter into a sheath for delivery through a catheter and in the mid-1990 it was switched back to stainless steel to make the filter compatible with a guide wire, since some of the titanium filters weren’t going in straight” (Garber, 2006).

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