Research Paper: Feuk’s Observation on Diseases

Sample Research Paper

There are many common diseases that are not the cause of a single allele variation as discussed by Feuk, et al. (2006), but they are a consequence of an interplay of multiple genetic variations. The lifestyles and the environment have been seen to play the major roles as well. It has been a fact that the genetic profiles of the individuals are responsible for the susceptibility of an individual to a certain disease as these genetic variations also decides the progression of a disease. Still there are many diseases for which the screening tests have been difficult to assemble and these include a variety of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. In addition to this,  four additional SNPs have been studied that have been seen to be involved in the autoimmune diseases as Crohn’s disease, Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis.

The SNP profiles and haplotypes are the ones that can be studied to be associated with the certain diseases; researchers may begin working on the genes that are related with the predisposition of the diseases related to their progress. The studies involving the Single nucleotide polymorphisms can also indicate the patterns that are followed by the genes. It has been concluded by many researchers including Freeman, et al. (2006) that the SNP profiles are the main characteristics of many diseases and the physicians in the future can scan the individuals for their SNPs in order to predetermine their predisposition to certain diseases.

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