Sample Research Paper

The most common denominator of national parks is their existing land and water. Both of these natural resources can be perfect, but a significant restoration and ongoing management is required for maintenance of these resources. For this purpose, Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has been developed since 1965 for the acquisition of land for recreational purposes and has achieved great success over the years. National park service also searches for the proper areas and to purchase land having components of historical theme for recreation like the land set aside in Alaska. Naturally protected areas such as land and water are closely related to the history of tourism. Both of these resources have offered visitors natural and scenic values, archeological and anthropological sites which take them into the past era. The landscape and watersheds have been enlightened withdrawal of public interest in all ages. ( Hogenauer, 1996)

The advent of science and technology has played a significant role in the development of national parks. These parks offer considerable advantages and facilities to visitors like management offices, internal transportation in the parks, entertainment, convention centers, banks and offices. Technology helped park services in many ways but at times there are drawbacks as well as technology is also manmade, not a magic. Data gathering about visitors and service providers is vital for the tourism industry. Tourist’s satisfaction level and data about their repeat visits to the parks shows their experiences and perception about service quality and physical surroundings.

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