Research Paper: Fast Food and Health Insurances

Sample Research Paper

The world today has become increasingly fast-paced. Individuals have no time to indulge in menial and unnecessary jobs. This is especially true for tasks which can be fulfilled at a small cost. Fast food joints use this desire to save their consumer’s time to their benefit.

            Fast food has a fair share of benefits and flaws. The consumer can use this form of sustenance to save up on the effort required for cooking and cleaning and employ this energy for a different task. However, critics argue that the consumption of fast food is far more detrimental than the benefits it has to offer. Apart from risking the health and lifestyle of an individual, fast food can hamper the entire set-up of a community and its future generations.

However, the decision of consuming fast food lies in the hands of the individual who eats it because all criticism aside, it’s delicious taste cannot be denied.

Insurance companies have invested $ 1.9 billion in the fast food industry (Neale 2010). The numbers of insurance companies willing to invest in the fast food business were not proof of the security of these organizations. Instead, it reflected on the danger of this entire business. The insurance companies were interested in profits which could be earned from such a lucrative affair. This was evident in their ready investment into this trade.  Fast food not only affected the functioning of these insurance companies but also the kind of people that were provided with insurance. Thus, fast food not only affects the health of an individual but also affects the kind of safety provided by the company to the consumer.

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