Research Paper: Psychology of Stalking

Sample Research Paper

There is a chapter on false victimization in Psychology of Stalking.  There are several cases discussed in which what appeared as legitimate stalking turned out to be only a false alarm.

     Psychology of Stalking additionally makes it clear that stalking is an old behavior, but new as a crime.  The state ofCalifornia enacted the first stalking law in the year 1990, followed by other states that were encouraged to do the same.  The meaning of stalking as a crime differs from state to state.  However, there are several components that contribute to each state’s laws.  In brief, stalking involves the following combination of components: (1) There is a pattern of threat or harassment; (2) There is an implicit or explicit threat; and (3) There is a general fear felt by the targeted person.

The book recommends that people who are targeted by stalkers must contact the police if in fact they feel that they are being stalked.  More specifically, if it is an intrusion that has occurred more than once and it has frightened an individual, he or she must alert the police by all means and without further ado.

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