Research Paper: Factors related to player injuries

Sample Research Paper

Playing any sport involves a higher usage of the body as compared to the brain. If your body is not in the right shape and does not have a certain level of fitness, you have very high chances of getting injured. Some injuries are short term and can heal after one or two weeks. However, this is not always the case.   Certain injuries reduce the playing life time of a sportsman. For instance, if a basketball player suffers from a back injury, he would not be able to play for a long time period.

Why do sportsmen get injured? In other words, what are the common causes? Some people who compete at the highest level do not have flexible bodies. Hence, after one or two games, they face injuries. An athlete may get cramps in this calf muscle or lower part of the ankle. This makes it hard for him to run at a fast pace. The person who can prevent these injuries is the coach. He is the person who trains and monitors the players.  It is very important for sports personnel to take gaps during their matches instead of competing on a continuous scale. Apart from that, diet is highly important to improve muscular flexibility. Thus, professional sportsmen do not consume oily foods to deliver the best and play for more years.

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