Research Paper: Factors leading to happiness

Sample Research Paper

Happiness has been defined in many ways. In one case, it has been said that what is desired by a person in life eventually happens and this leads to happiness. In another case, it has been argued that happiness is an outcome of a series of events that happen leading to the fulfillment of the desire or success being achieved.

Many factors can cause unhappiness as well as happiness in an individual. There are many blessed individuals who are still unhappy as compared to the ones who do not have the riches to live on, they are happier by living on the basic necessities of life. In this case, if the history is taken into consideration, than there have been many powerful rulers and kings from the royalties, the wealthier riches, successful university academics, who have been in search of satisfaction and happiness but they are unable able to achieve the happiness that is desired (Puryear, 2007, p. 67). This is the fact that has been considered as troublesome when a goal is to be achieved, thereby here it can be concluded that these are the desires that lead to an individual’s unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Thereby the main arguments that have been given are the desires that should be kept to a minimum thereby living a life of no desires or at least having a life with minimum desires. In terms of reality, it can be argued here that the desires that an individual has must be aligned with the abilities that an individual has as well as with the real world provisions (Mellin, 2003, p. 67).

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