Research Paper: Factors determining Child’s Moral Growth

Sample Research Paper

The representational component is an outcome of foundational knowledge which works in every matter, but operational is the one learnt from exposure to society or is learnt out of the competitive life with peers. Similarly gender is the most important factor affecting moral development, girls perceive and interpret things differently than boys so taking only boys as study subjects will not be a representative sample of that age. If children of different ages, from different culture, with different sex are tested through the same set of questions by the same investigator the results are not going to be authentic and we should not be generalizing them to all children. This research article has got all these issues and hence the results are only valid circumstantially.

The method of conducting this research study is very good in some aspects like, the sample size is good, the duration of conduction of the study is great and the way responses are recorded is also appropriate but for some children it might be difficult to take care of their anxiety level while going through the process of questions answer especially the use of multimedia to get the responses recorded. That might alter their theme of thinking and they might not respond the best possible way which, in fact, they can otherwise do. In child peer conversation session, the factor whether they are made to talk with the same gender or opposite one also affects the outcome.

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