Research Paper: US Facing Drug Trafficking at Borders

Sample Research Paper

Drug trafficking is the problem that has plagued the US since its very beginning. The very purpose of the establishment of USBP was to prohibit smuggled drugs from entering American territory but even after 85 years, the problem has not been fully cured yet. It is the most lucrative organized crime operation in the United States with its annual income estimated to be “as high as $110 billion” (“America’s Habit”, 1986). Cocaine being the most sought after drug, as its roots of origin are literally buried in South American countries, other popular drugs such as marijuana and heroin make its way into the United States by means of either maritime vessels or through southern border.

The numerous drug cartels active in the United States gets their drugs en route Mexico regardless of the joint ventures both countries engaged in so as to hamper the drug trafficking. Mexico itself cultivates heroin and due to its lightly guarded 2,000 miles border with the United States is the chief trafficker of heroin in the USA. Drugs also are brought in underground through tunnels; some 100 have been discovered since 1990 along the 1,950-mile U.S.-Mexico border. The most sophisticated tunnels have lights, air systems and hydraulics (Feyerick et al, 2009). Regardless of extra tight security since 9/11 drug somehow is making its way into the United States and hasn’t completely been stopped yet.

Aside from human and drug trafficking, the USBP also has to look out for items of contraband nature such as weapons and pirated merchandise. With such a huge number of people passing through both north and south borders of United States, hunting down illegal immigrants, terrorists, drugs and pirated merchandise has become a daunting task for USBP.

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