Research Paper: Exclusive Distribution

Exclusive distribution is considered an extreme level and occurs when only one store or outlet in a given geographical area is awarded exclusive rights to distribute the product of a particular company. This level of distribution is especially applicable in products with a solid and loyal customer base. According to Dent, these consumers are so loyal that they would not consider it inconveniencing, hectic or time-consuming to have to travel far just to purchase their preferred product at the particular outlet. Manufacturers who employ this level of distribution are those who need to be in touch with the marketing and purchase process of their products; those manufacturers who still need to feel in charge of the production and wholesale distribution of their products (2008).

One such product that is distributed exclusively is the Bentley car. The Bentley Motors Company is located in Crewe, England and produces customized automobiles that are handcrafted to a client’s needs. According to the official Bentley website, the cars are not produced en masse and are sold in Kenya, USA and Crewe in U.K. among a few other countries.

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