Research Paper: Evaluation Of Research Methods, A Sample

Sample Research Paper

The professor at the Walden University suggested rephrasing of the few questions and wanted a few changes to be made in some of them. The professor gave valid reasoning why the changes were required to be made to the questions.

The professor also asked to revise the Likert scale from 1 to 5 to, instead, 0 to 4. The degree of 4 on meant strongly agree and the degree of 0 a Likert scale meant strongly disagree for all the questions based on Likert scale except for one. In this question, the degree of 4 meant strongly disagree and the degree of 0 meant strongly agree. This was done exclusively for one particular question. The reason for this was that the question, although was framed to sound affirmative, was aimed to judge a negative feeling or a negative perspective about the compensation which the Allied Health Professional Workforce is receiving for the services rendered. This is question number 6 of the final version of the questionnaire.

The suggestions and recommendations made by the professor of research at Walden University were incorporated in the questionnaire. This led to a fourth refined version of the questionnaire. As this questionnaire was professional and had straightforward and relevant questions, it was used for field-testing.

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