Research Paper: Ethnic Norms of Minorities in USA

Sample Research Paper

A great many societies, committees, forums and groups are coming up to address the issue of discrimination and unpleasant experiences of the African Americans. This ethnic and racial group represents the largest minority inUnited States and follows the culture and social norms as that of the white Americans.

A good number of citizens in the United States are from British, German, French, Spanish, and Italian origins. Some of them have adopted the cultural social values of the white Americans while others have not. Nonetheless, they form a good portion of the workforce American. They face the same problems of discrimination as the African Americans.

Another major minority is that of Asians residing in America. They constitute a large group which is diverse in itself. The Asians consists of people from theMiddle East, Central Asia, Indian subcontinent, South Asia, East Asia, and the Far East. Although collectively referred to as the Asians, this group has a lot of subgroups within it and each abides by different cultural and social values and norms. As many of these subgroups belong to developing countries and are from the low socioeconomic class, they endure far bitter experiences than many of their counterparts of other ethnicities. They come toAmericain search of opportunity to elevate their own and their families’ way of life by earning a decent living for themselves. However, little do they know prior to their coming toUnitedStatethat what is in store for them in this land of opportunity.

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