Research Paper: Erikson’s Theory

Sample Research Paper

According to Erikson’s theory, people are faced with learning or developmental tasks during their life course and their ability to learn not one aspect but both sides of the task leads to a component of development which they can use in their next developmental stage.

For example, an infant who must learn to trust also must learn not to mistrust. A balanced learning is the optimum learning, according to Erikson. Kortey advanced and further elaborated the generation vs. stagnation stage to include five types of generativity; biological and parental, technical, cultural, agentic and communal. (Touron DR, 2008).  McAdams model proposed that “generativity results from complex interactions between societal and inner forces thus, creating a concern for the next generation and goodness in the belief of the human enterprise.” (Touron DR, 2008),

Another proposal made by theorists is that chronological has nothing to do with the personality development. Its development is guided more by the personal experiences and the circumstances in one’s life and his ability to cope with and adapt to the changes which these life situations brought upon him. (Touron DR, 2008)

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