Research Paper: Environmental changes and Holocene

Sample Research Paper

Culture is the one that accepts the abrupt changes in the climate. There is a great data that supports the fact that many people started migrating because of the climatic changes as an adaptation that was reflected in the case of extremely cold climate in the arctic 27000 years ago during Pleistocene.  In the late Holocene, the people started to adapt to the extremely hot conditions in the Sahara.Between the years of 10,000 to 7000 BP, marking the beginning of Holocene, the climate started to become warmer. These climate changes were considered beneficial for the vegetation thereby the agriculture increased in South America. People adapted to these changing conditions by changing the vegetations and altering their lifestyles. Domestication of the plants and animals increased. Dogs were used in hunting. , goats and sheep were being domesticated for the provision of wool and milk.

It has been argued that during the time of Pleistocene, agriculture was not favored as the climate was extremely cold and the glacial climate was the one that was not considered as being favorable for the agriculture. The climate of this period was extremely dry and the levels of carbon dioxide were too high to support the agriculture.

These are the times when the newer agricultural techniques were learned from the ones who were aware of the techniques.

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