Sample Research Paper

The advent of technology has allowed for an increase in the number of devices available to the world. The television set is one such instrument. The rising numbers of these sets have affected the information, making it available to a larger audience. This is further divided into the various sources that provide information. Several competing television channels and production houses now produce shows that bring in higher ratings and thus more success to their companies. There are numerous television shows and movies that are released for audiences all over the world. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 80% of movies are created for children under seventeen (Nichols & Good). These shows are accessible to all kinds of audiences, with little or no hindrance given to the age of the viewer.

However, while these shows and movies are a great source of entertainment, their effects are numerous and tremendous. The first of the problems is the increasing rise in commercialism due to these different programs. Children are now tempted into following the lifestyles of the actors they watch on television. Be it the latest car or the newest brand of clothing, children are now increasingly enticed into following the trends followed by their favorite characters despite the damaging costs on the income of the family

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