Sample Research Paper

This divine supremacy causes different events to take place in the world. Therefore, although existing outside the Earth, “the real unveils itself”. It can be said to the existing “midst” the world as all that has happened is occurring and will take place works on the direction of the supreme authority. Eliade has introduced the concept of the “sacred space that makes possible” the dawn of the Earth and “the world comes into existence” (Eliade, 1987, p. 45).The entire world and everything that exists here has been produced on the command of the celestial or godly authority. When this controlling body wants to spill the sea apart, the “creation is the island that suddenly manifests itself in the midst of the waves” (Eliade, 1987, p. 112).

Walsh states that “For Eliade, the origins are a hierophany, in which the sacred shows itself to human”. He asserts that a “Myth is the narrative account of this hierophany, and ritualized myth makes it possible for worshippers to participate in the founding hierophany”. According to him, Eliade thought hierophany “founds the world by making access to being possible, by destroying the homogeneity of time and space, and by making the orientation to a centre possible”. (Walsh, 2001, p. 66).

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