Sample Research Paper

According to Wenger (1984), “Communication has seven elements: source, message, receiver, channel, effect, feedback and evaluation” (p. 1215).  Source is the sender; channel is the medium through which communication is carried out; effect includes the reaction of the recipient; feedback is the response from the recipient when he assumes the role of the sender; evaluation is the analysis concerning whether the message was received effectively (Wenger 1984).Each individual would deliver a message in his own style. Whether the message is received precisely is determined by the behavioral attitude of the intended audience and the medium used. Therefore, members of a team are ethically bound to use the right medium, appropriate words, and a softer tone when communicating with colleagues particularly in case of foreign teammates and non-verbal communication. Cultural diversity within organizations is enhancing with overseas employment. “A Greek may see a contract as a formal statement announcing the intention to build a business… An Arab may be insulted by merely mentioning a contract” (Guffey 2006). Besides, a person possessing a director behavioral style may use a slightly harsh tone when writing a letter. As his real attitude can only be judged by non-verbal cues, a first-time recipient of his message may draw a negative connotation from it.

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