Research Paper: Elements of ‘The American Gangster’

Sample Research Paper

The script and screenplay are one of the prime elements of the movie. Based on the article by Mark Jacobson and molded into a seemingly perfect screenplay by the Oscar winner screenplay writer of the “Schindler’s List”, Steven Zaillian, the movie is adequately paced with adequate amount of time for all the characters to bloom to their full potential.

The character of Frank Lucas is by far the heart of the movie as he rises of a second rate right-hand man to this powerful and ingenious entrepreneur who takes full advantages of the Vietnam war. Shown as a gentle and family man who loves his mother, wife and brothers, but at the same time a furiously ambitious man who guns down his opponents in the broad daylight if the occasion calls for it. The character of Richie though intense doesn’t get enough space to reach its full potential and very much remains the same. The screenplay takes some fictional liberties to a real life story worth of being watched.

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