Research Paper: Effects of Video Games on Brain

Sample Research Paper

“There is no official medical diagnosis for video game addiction. But a compulsion to play throughout most of the day — and the resulting interference with other life activities — is what makes excessive video game play seem similar to other kinds of dependence,”(Brown, P., 2006).This shows a pattern. It shows that researchers are no backtracking their previous labeling of video game playing as addiction and are now using milder dependence to describe the condition.

All sorts of addictions have a neural element to them.  If one wants to directly like game playing with addiction, we have to look at what happens in the brain while kids play the video games. A study in this regard was undertaken by scientists at the StanfordUniversity. They studied brain imagery of 22 people 11 male and 11 female while the subjects played computer games. The results obtained show that levels of brain activity in the centers of the brain related to addiction had increased in both male and female participants. It was also revealed that stimulation in the male subjects was far greater than the activity seen in the female subjects. According to the scientists who conducted the study, the differences in the levels of activity explain why males more frequently play video games, and are more likely to get ‘hooked’ on the games ( Linde, A., 2008).

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